If you haven’t already seen over Instagram, the newest and dewiest makeup trend is wet, wild and super simple. Glossy eyes are starting to hit the streets after a magical entrance on the runway, across Instagram and even the red carpet by Kylie Jenner.  And if you don't believe how pretty it is, just look at this gorgeous creation from our beauty @lishyglows

Head on over to our IGTV to see how Alisha Bhojwani @lishyglows via link below

Jump onto this jelly-look trend before it's too late, using these easy tips from makeup artists. : "You can easily recreate this look using eyeshadow, and then applying VANI-T Afterglow Skin finishing Gloss on top for the glossy finish (make sure whatever you use is safe for the eye area)," says Sascha Jackson, Lead Pro Makeup Artist for Stila.  

How- To Get The Look: 

Step 1. 

Pick your favourite eyeshadow colour and apply over the lid. Making sure to buff it all over the socket until evenly blended.*With our buttery formulated eyeshadows, our Nude Palette has a lust worthy collection of 12 intensely pigmented shades for you to choose from. 

Step 2. 

Simply tap on a thin layer of Afterglow Skin Finishing Gloss with your finger. Here’s the real trick: Avoid the crease. Leave a small break open along the crease in your eyelid. That’s where you feel the stick factor most. 


If you are on a budget or don't have any makeup products another way to achieve this look is by using vaseline or coconut oil on top of your shadowed lid to add a touch of gloss. The braver among you may want to apply water eyeshadow before this step, the stronger the pigment the better. 

Will you be joining the 'glossy' eye trend? 

Leave a comment below.  




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