Do you feel confident that you’re wearing the correct foundation shade? 
The idea isn't to mask your skin entirely; it’s to find a shade that you only have to apply where it truly looks like you have nothing on. Nailing the perfect foundation shade can be tricky, but it all comes down to determining your undertone. Using the correct foundation shade will allow your natural skin tone to shine through. So how to find the right shade that actually lets your skin look like a second base of skin? Read on for a few tips to find your best match!
1. Identify your undertone

Look at your bare skin and think about how rosey (pink toned) or golden/olive (yellow toned) it is. If it’s rosey you would be leaning towards a cool undertone, if it’s golden, you probably have a warm undertone. If it is a mix of the two- or you simply can’t identify it as one or the other- you would have a neutral tone, which you can simply choose between either pink toned or yellow toned foundation. Our Mineral Powder Foundation and Liquid Foundation comes in both Pink toned and Yellow toned - we have an exact colour and tone match for everyone.

2. Think about the intensity of your skin colour 

Your skin intensity is how light or deep the tone is. The most common intensity of a skin tone is medium but can scale from either very light, light, light medium, medium-deep or very deep. If feeling unsure, try comparing your skin to your favourite model, celebrity or makeup artist. You can also email our friendly team here at VANI-T HQ (, and they’d love to help colour match you. We recommend to send a photo through, in natural lighting so we can assist you with selecting your perfect shade.

3. Swatch Test

While it’s tempting to reach for a bottle that looks like the right shade, it’s important to always try before you buy. Start off with three shades that appear to be a good match. Once you’ve  found a few shades that might work for you, swatch onto your cheek down to your neck.It's important to always test it on your face, not your hand. Let it sit for a few minutes and see how it adjusts to your skin. One of the most common mistakes is choosing a foundation that only matches your face. It should blend to the same colour as your neck. If you remove the foundation with some makeup wipes and you can still see the difference between your bare skin and your foundation, it’s probably not the right colour for you.

4. Trial

Don't feel rushed into buying a foundation - you might want to test the shade out in different lights, mirrors and see how it looks in photos. At VANI-T you can purchase our three sample packs. This is a great way to save time and money so you can get it right and you won't look back. You can select from our light, medium or dark sample pack.

Once you have established the shades that work the best for you during the summer and winter months, you can even blend the two together to customise the right shade as you transition through autumn  and winter. Reminder: The shelf life of our foundation after it’s been opened is 2 years.

5. Application Tips

Never apply foundation to un-moisturised skin. If your skin is on the drier side, you’ll also want to exfoliate prior to applying any products. If you do suffer from dry skin we recommend to use a few drops of our Radiance Plus - Cosmeceutical Serum & Primer for base for the ultimate dewy complexion. Ensure the skin is clean, hydrated and dry. Pump 1 - 2 pumps of Liquid Foundation on the back of your hand and apply evenly with a foundation brush to the face. If you are after a second coat of extra coverage, apply our mineral powder foundation with a kabuki brush, apply evenly over the skin. Our mineral powder foundation acts as a foundation, concealer, powder and chemical free SPF 15+ all in one. When you’re applying foundation, don’t forget about the spot where your jaw line meets your neck! Make sure your face and neck match by blending the foundation into the top of your neck as well.

So discovering your foundation soulmate is easier said than done. Finding the perfect shade match can be challenging, but, it can be done if you follow these simple tips — and you can even do it yourself! Hope this helps with your colour matching journey. We are always here to help at VANI-T.  

What foundation tone are you?
Love VANI-T  x


  • Leonie

    Do you still have foundation sample packs. I wear ivory beige double wear by Estée Lauder but would like to sample yours ?

  • Jodie

    I used to use your VANI-T Mineral Liquid Foundation in Truffle. What would be the closest shade to that in the SKIN PERFECTOR HD SERUM FOUNDATION? on your recommendation purchasing you gave me 15 . When i use it my face goes pal and people have asked what is wrong with you :( . Why did you stop the mineral liquid Foundation ??

  • Shelley

    I used to use your VANI-T Mineral Liquid Foundation in Truffle. What would be the closest shade to that in the SKIN PERFECTOR HD SERUM FOUNDATION?

  • Sandra

    Do you have samples of the serum foundations. Was looking at the F26. It’s hard to pick the right colour.

  • Dyostna

    Hi I have used mac nc43 so what is my right shade on fenty and sephora foundation.

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