There are a few perfectly valid reasons you may choose to wear makeup at the gym. Maybe you’re going during your lunch break and can’t be bothered reapplying it before you get back to the office. Or perhaps you’re rushing there straight after work and don’t have time to remove it. Or maybe rocking makeup just makes you feel like your most confident and badass self and it actually makes you work harder. You do you, girl! Whatever the reason, wearing (or not wearing) makeup at the gym is a personal choice and you’ve got to do what’s best for you.

That said, working out in your makeup comes with its downsides. During those particularly sweaty sessions, you may end up panda eyes or with your eyebrow product halfway down your face. Not cute! When mixed with sweat, makeup products like foundation, blush and bronzer can also clog your pores and lead to congested skin and breakouts.

The good news is, our range of makeup products are perfectly safe to wear when you work out. Natural, sweat-proof and non-comedogenic (meaning they don’t clog the skin), they’ll ensure you can put your best face forward, even at the gym!  So, if you’re ready to look like a beauty and train like a beast, read on for 3 sweat-proof makeup products you can wear at the gym.


Mineral Powder Foundation

Virtually weightless, this pure ‘second skin’ micronised mineral formula allows the skin to breathe. Hypoallergenic and free from fillers and pore-clogging ingredients, you can rest assured it won’t break out your skin. Not only will it not disrupt your skin, but it’s actually good for it, containing Olive Squalene for its potent anti-aging benefits.

Despite how lightweight it is, it’s a full coverage product that can easily replace your foundation, concealer and powder.  Its in-built concealing technology will adjust any unwanted undertones from the skin to correct all complexions — perfect for covering up that telltale crimson-faced ‘just went to the gym’ look!  With naturally water resistant coverage, it’ll stay in place whether you’re doing bench-press, burpees or Barre.

You can shop the Mineral Powder Foundation here



Dream Matte Bronzer

While some of us are aware of the importance of wearing non-comedogenic foundation at the gym, we often forget about our bronzer. But traditional bronzers can clog the skin too, not to mention end up halfway down our faces! With a sweat-proof mineral formula, our Dream Matte Bronzer will stay in place and won’t wreak havoc on your skin. Providing a flawless matte finish, it also won't make you look like a shiny-cheeked mess by the end of your workout. Infused with vitamins and minerals, it actually nourishes the skin while giving you a natural, bronzed glow.

Shop the Dream Matte Bronzer here



Kabuki Brush

When it comes to gym-proofing your skin, it’s important to think about not only which makeup you’re using but also what you use to apply it! Low-quality makeup brushes can spread bacteria all over the face, making it rife for post-gym breakouts. Our Kabuki brush is crafted out of high-fibre, hypoallergenic ,100% vegan fibres that perform just as well as real hair. Pair it with the Mineral Powder Foundation or Dream Matte Bronze to create a perfectly blended finish that withstands even the toughest workouts. Bonus: It also happens to be the cutest little brush ever.

You can shop the Kabuki Brush here

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