In 2004, CEO and Founder of VANI-T, Tania Walsh, launched the world’s first natural tanning solution on the market, paving the way for sunless tanning and setting the standard for naturally derived products. Although starting off as a small business, VANI-T has since flourished into an international success story with over 14 million beauties worldwide trusting the tanning products to achieve their own famous Australian glow.

Over the past seventeen years, the VANI-T team has worked tirelessly to create a variety of tanning products that are unique unto themselves. We have been tight lipped, but the time has finally arrived to reveal our next product that will ultimately redefine the tanning industry…

We are beyond excited to introduce Noir; the next generation in ultra-dark tanning.

Noir is our darkest tan EVER, with up to 125% more tan actives than most leading brands. Its unique formula provides intense true to life colour, impeccably flawless results and a smooth fade.

“I am beyond excited to launch this product after three years of perfecting the formula. When creating Noir, my aim was to create a product that would not only deliver our darkest result yet but would also have incredible skin benefits. After trying hundreds of faux tans on the market, never before have I used a tan that gives me such an intense yet natural-looking colour! It was extremely important to ensure that Noir was the perfect option for all skin tones. I am so excited for our beauties to fall in love with Noir, just like our entire team has.”
– Tania Walsh, CEO & Founder of VANI-T

To guarantee Noir delivers a luxurious skin treatment with every application, we have made sure the formula is jam packed full of ultra-nourishing ingredients, including luxurious actives, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.  

Think of Hyaluronic Acid as the ultimate skin hydrator! Not only does it help to firm and tighten the skin, but also assists in retaining moisture, so your skin stays looking plump and supple. The anti-aging properties of Collagen boosts the skin’s elasticity and assists in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Say ‘goodbye’ to dry, lifeless skin and ‘hello’ to a radiant, glowing tan in as little as an hour!

Just like our other tan products, it has transdermal delivery to ensure the tan actives easily penetrate the skin and develops colour fast. Non-sticky, fast drying and streak-free, we have also added a glorious aromatherapy blend to disguise any nasty, tell-tale faux tan odours!  

The high level of tanning actives makes Noir the ideal product for experienced tanners looking to achieve their deepest VANI-T tan ever. Here’s our guide to Noir, so you can create your ideal glow:

Bold. Daring. Fearless. Fulfill your deepest tan desires with Noir 🖤


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