2020 may be a year you’d rather forget, but with the new year, comes an abundance of opportunities to shift focus, and cultivate a happier, healthier lifestyle from within.

In a fast-paced society where social media is all we breathe, we often fall into the trap of basing our self-worth upon how we look and what others think - having the trendiest clothes, the smallest waist, the plumpest lips or the fanciest car. The truth is, these things will only bring you temporary happiness - inner beauty shines brighter every time.

Learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things anyone can do in life.  With it, brings greater happiness, stronger resilience, increased motivation, whilst giving you the ability to attract more soulful things into your life. In turn, you will be less affected by what is going on around you, and more enriched from within.

There are many ways to practice self-love in the year ahead, below we have compiled our top 10 favourite pastimes!

 10 ways to practise self-love in 2021:

  • Invest in a vision board – Make a collage with lots of bright, inspiring images of exactly how you envision your dreams and goals. Write down a handful of short-term and long-term goals to help you to remain focused on what you want to achieve. It is so important to stay flexible around your goals, remembering it takes time to achieve anything. Why not start with a goal on self-love?

  • Celebrate even your smallest victories – Acknowledge when you have achieved something no matter how small you think it is! Recognise your progress and celebrate by doing something you love.

  • Relax and unwind  Put on a face mask, sip some relaxing tea, have a bubble bath, binge on your favourite Netflix series! The more you do things that de-stress you and will make you feel good, the more energy you will have for other things in life.

  • Learn to meditate  Meditation is the most powerful tool in quietening the mind and connecting with your higher self.  Rather than focussing on future stresses, it helps you to enjoy the present moment and find more fulfillment in life. You can go to meditation classes or meditate from the comfort of your own bedroom.

  • Find a daily routine Having a routine will assist in keeping your life structured and will have you feeling productive on a daily basis. Remember, it is important to make time for soul nourishing activities as well as rest and relaxation.

  • Start journaling  Document your experiences, what you learnt, what you want to learn, how it made you feel and how you can grow. Never underestimate the power of self reflection and personal growth.

  • Have a digital detox  Social media is addictive to say the least! Schedule times throughout the day where you put your phone down or, if you’re brave enough, turn it off. Instead, bake your favourite cookies, read that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or take some time to clear your mind through meditation.

  • Connect to your spiritual self  Its time to connect on a deeper level. There is more to what you can see and feel in front of you. Get a reiki healing, buy some crystals, or indulge in a spiritual book. It will open up a whole new world for you.

  • Declutter your room and your life The less mess you see, the more organised you feel and the more space you have to think! You have to be a little ruthless here; throw away anything that you don’t use or doesn’t bring you joy.

  • Get outdoors  A change of scenery is one of the quickest and easiest ways to feel good! Not only that, it gives you fresh air and is incredibly grounding. Partake in some outdoor fitness, go for a stroll on the beach, have a summer barbecue, play some tennis… the list goes on.

Start 2021 the right way; by putting yourself first. Providing your mind, body and soul with the nourishment it needs to grow will transform you into the person you aspire to be. Remember, how your life feels is so much more important than how it looks



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