Whether using a mousse to tan yourself or going to a salon to get a professional spray tan, the routine of preparing your skin for a long-lasting, glowing tan does not change. Preparing your skin before you self-tan is one of the key aspects to achieving a jaw-dropping, long-lasting fake tan that will be the envy of all your friends.

For a perfect summer glow, a few steps are involved when it comes to prepping your skin. Tan preparation is the key to an even golden tan so here are some great tips on how to prepare for a spray tan:



Exfoliating is the first and one of the most important steps when it comes to preparing your body for a tan. Exfoliation removes old skin cells on the body. The old skin cells can leave the skin dry and rough.

After exfoliating, a fresh new layer of cells is exposed leaving your skin looking renewed and fresh. These cells leave a consistent surface on your body - perfect for an even, streak-free tan. 

You should remember that a spray tanning solution only affects dead skin cells build up on top of your skin. If you exfoliate your skin before a spray tanning and or mousse application, the layer will be much shallower and your tan will last longer, so it is one of the most important first step in how to prepare for a spray tan. Be sure to either use an exfoliating glove or a product that doesn’t contain any oils, as oil products tend to create a barrier that can prevent the spray tanning solution from getting through.


To avoid having to shave your legs only a couple of days into having a glowing tan, shave the day before or approximately 12 hours before tanning. Although this is not a crucial step when preparing for a tan (you can still get a tan if you haven’t shaved), it does have its advantages. Shaving makes the tanning process easier if you are self-tanning with a self-tan mitt, and also can prolong your tan as you won’t need to shave over the top of a fresh tan after only a day or two.

Also, wash your legs properly after waxing to ensure that you remove any residue of wax, as this can greatly interfere with how well your spray tan develops. You are also likely to take off some of your tan with the hair if you shave after spray tanning. If you’re using a spray tan solution that contains a bronzer, it will be best to wax or shave 2 days prior to your spray tanning session as the bronzer is likely to get into the newly created pores and give you that unwanted "patchy look".



Removing all deodorants, perfumes, lotions, moisturisers, makeup, and jewellery will ensure your tan turns out perfectly. Wearing deodorant while tanning can make your underarms turn a green colour. Other skin products act as barriers and block the tanning solution from absorbing into the skin. These products include lotion/ moisturiser, makeup and any jewellery you may be wearing. If these products are left on the body, the tan may not result as an even, streak-free finish - it would not have been able to absorb properly. This step in preparing your skin for a tan should be completed just before self-tanning or going to a salon to get a spray tan.


After this step is completed it is recommended you wear LOOSE, DARK clothing to your tanning appointment so after the tan is completed no lines appear on your body from tight pants or t-shirts rubbing the tan. Although you may have to wipe out any excess spray tanning solution using a towel or by drying it out in front of a fan, the tan needs to develop for it to look good. Loose clothes and shoes, therefore, ensure that you won't rub off any tan before it is ready. 

 An extra tip for the important after the tan process is to shower lightly in cold lukewarm water for 45 seconds, only after your desired development time. Use plain water, don’t use shower gels, scrubs, shampoos or loofah during the first 24 hours after your application as it will remove your tan quicker. The last step in the 'tanning bible' is to pat your skin dry. Do not rub or scrub your skin. 

Once your self applied tan has fully developed, it’s important to maintain that beautiful golden glow. To maintain your tan, apply our Bronzing Custard each evening after tanning. Each application will deepen the result. To extend/boost an existing tan – apply every second day. It can also be used as a daily face moisturiser to give a glowing boost to the complexion. 

 If you follow these steps for prepping your skin you will be in for a perfect summer tan that you can maintain and re-apply all year round! Tan is such an easy way to brighten a dull winter complexion, so now that we've given you the tips, don't let the cooler months become an excuse not to get your glow on!   

Do you spray tan or self-tan? 



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