Whatever the season, many of us are looking to achieve a natural glow without damaging our skin. Sunless tanning is more popular than ever because who has the time to bake in the sun for hours. If you are dying for that pop of colour with some glow, VANI-T's new Tint & Tone Colour Correcting Gradual Self Tan Mousse is designed just for you. 


While you can intensify your tan with subsequent applications, your first one will give you a subtle, but noticeable tan that looks like you’ve got a healthy hint of sun-love. If you are wanting to build the perfect depth of tan, use daily to gradually achieve your desired depth of colour. To intensify or extend an existing tan, use every second day. It will have you looking like you’ve just stepped off the Island of Santorini. With its violet base made of a mix of violet and dark brown bronzers which counteract yellow and orange undertones in your skin. The concept works similar to the way violet shampoo counteracts brassiness in blonde hair. 


  • 3 in 1 formula - designed as a tan extender, moisturiser and gradual tanner. Your daily dose of sunshine all year round! 
  • Violet base - neutralises and counteracts unwanted yellow or orange undertones. A toner for your tan to keep brassiness at bay! 
  • Intense hydration - luxurious botanical oils and coconut water provide hydrated, more radiant looking skin. 
  • Universal - gradual, buildable colour that suits all skin types and tones. 

If self-tanning is something you have wanted do, whether you want to save time and money at the salon, or simply need a tan for an event last minute, our Gradual Self Tan Mousse is the best option for tanning amateurs, when time is short. A very subtle tan that's perfect for legs that haven't seen the sun in six months. It will take the edge off any paleness without giving you that dreaded orange tone with the colour base being violet.  

How to use:

You can use Tint & Tone to build up a tan from scratch by using it daily until you achieve your desired results. Just apply as you normally would with a self tan mousse, but the beauty about a gradual tan, is that it can be applied with your hands but ensuring to wash your hands after as there is still DHA in the formula. Apply to dry, clean skin and you will begin to see a gradual tan enhancement within several days. The more you add, the more it builds so we recommend using daily until you achieve your desired result.

Use With:

Our Tint & Tone Gradual Self Tan Mousse can be used with any of our Self Tanning Products to prolong your tan and keep you lasting all year round. 

Step 1 
For an even streak free tan ensure your skin is clean and dry prior to application.

Step 2

Apply Tint & Tone Gradual Self Tanning Mousse evenly onto the skin in circular motion. Wait until touch dry before dressing.

Step 3

Use daily to ensure a golden tan throughout the year. Wash hands after use.



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