The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Product Your Beauty Routine Needs 


At Vani-T, we LOVE beauty products that do it all. After all, we’re all busy women who are juggling jobs (sometimes multiple!), families, staying fit and healthy and trying to maintain a social life on top of it all. On those particularly busy days, we really just CBF fiddling with loads of different compacts and containers when we’re doing our makeup. We’re all about those multi-purpose products we can use on those chaotic mornings or when we’re on the go. A little swipe here, a little dab there and voila, we’re ready to walk out the door feeling like a damn goddess!

That’s why we’re super excited to announce our new Dream Matte Bronzer, the ultimate multi-purpose product your beauty routine needs!


Introducing, the Dream Matte Bronzer:


This little lifesaver can be used in three ways:


This universal toned bronzer is flattering on all skin shades. With no glitter or shimmer, it’ll give you that  dreamy ‘just got back from vacay’ glow without making you look like a human disco ball.


Sweep the bronzer over your cheeks to create a sculpted, defined look. The result? Cheekbones so sharp they could cut glass!


Whether your peepers are piercing blue, gorgeous green or soulful brown, a swipe of this neutral shade will bring out their natural beauty. It’s so neutral and buildable you could practically apply it in the dark!

Like all of our products, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also enriched with vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, Mica and Silica. So, not only will this non-comedogenic mineral formula not break out your skin, but it’s actually good for your complexion. Seriously, what more could you want out of your bronzer?

Ready to take your beauty routine to the next level with this game-changing product? You can grab it for $42.95 or for a limited time only, get it for FREE in a bundle with our popular powder foundation. You can shop the Dream Matte Bronzer here.

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