Are you suffering from acne prone skin that’s stopping you from having a social life? When acne appears, it’s easy to attack it with every cream, lotion or potion you can get your hands on. However, it’s important to choose the right products for acne-prone skin - and in most cases, it’s not what you think. 

Here are three products you should consider choosing if you have acne prone skin:

1. Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral Powder Foundation is like makeup that’s good for your skin. It’s totally natural, contains skin-loving ingredients and no synthetic ingredients or preservatives - all of which are known to potentially clog pores and irritate the skin.

Not only does VANI-T Mineral Powder Foundation contains no nasties, it’s also sweat-proof, high coverage and lasts all day. The active natural ingredients work to  improve and enhance the appearance of your skin to reduce inflammation and reveal clear, glowing skin.

The high-coverage nature of this Mineral Powder Foundation means you can build the  coverage from light coverage to full coverage in a matter of seconds and it’s so pure for the skin - you can literally sleep in it! The look is totally natural, and feels weightless on the skin.

Apply the Powder Foundation with a Kabuki Brush for best results and gently tap off excess onto the side of your Mineral Powder Foundation lid before buffing in circular motions. 

2. Makeup Eraser Cloth

 Did you know that over-cleansing your skin may actually cause more harm than good? This is because it can over-strip the skin of its protective barrier, causing your skin to go into overdrive and create excess oil. That’s right - MORE oil!

VANI-T Makeup Eraser Cloth is designed for sensitive skin and can be used with just  water. When wet, the plush fibres reach deep into your pores to remove makeup, impurities and dirt to give your skin a healthy glow.

It’s important to remember that acne isn’t cured by over-cleansing the skin so it’s best to use a gentle cleansing method to keep your skin clear. Many acne cleansers contain harsh foaming agents which over-strip the skin and can in turn, aggravate the skin even more.

TIP: The VANI-T Makeup Eraser Cloth is 100% reusable for more than 200 washes, just machine wash. No more need for cleansers, wipes or eye makeup removers that can affect the skins’ delicate natural acid mantle.

3. Vitamin C Serum & Primer

A good Vitamin C Serum & Primer is like a multivitamin drink for the skin! Recently, topical vitamin C serums have emerged as a powerful acne treatment solution. Antioxidants like vitamin C work to fight against free-radical damage caused by the environment and pollution to reveal clear, glowing skin.

VANI-T Cosmeceutical Serum & Primer is a lightweight 2 in 1 skin enhancing Serum and Primer uses Australian super botanicals and combines them with the latest skin firming peptides and brightening actives to create a youthful, radiant complexion.

Did you know Vitamin C boosts the immune system, reducing inflammation and enhancing collagen production to help the skin repair itself? Try adding some more vitamin C into your diet by consuming foods high in vitamin C like broccoli, kale and oranges.

Remember - clear, glowing skin starts with the right skincare and makeup regime. By choosing the best skincare and makeup products to use for breakouts - your skin will love you for it. 

VANI-T is one brand you can trust for acne-prone skin. Pioneers in mineral makeup in Australia, VANI-T launched their range over 10 years ago and continues to be a trusted name in worldwide, with the award-winning range being loved by countless celebrities.

If you’re struggling with acne and would like some help to find the best regime for you - please reach out to our friendly Customer Care team and we will be happy to help you.


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