Vegan silk pillowcases are taking the beauty industry by storm, and we are branding it the secret to salon worthy hair and glowing skinNot only are the benefits jaw-dropping, but the outcome will completely change your beauty regimeWake up to frizz-free hair and blemish-free skin everyday thanks to one unexpected product.  

Find out why vegan silk pillowcases will be your best kept beauty secret... 

Supports Plump, Youthful Skin 

Unfortunately, your regular pillowcase may be doing more damage to your skin than good. 

Average cotton pillowcases are naturally very absorbent and tend to strip your face of its nourishing oils, leaving you with dry and irritated skin when you wake up. Tip: the key to youthful, plump skin is hydration! Unlike cotton, satin has non-absorbent properties due to its tightly woven fibreswhich means your skincare will stay in place all night long! 

Tossing and turning throughout the night is a normal part of sleeping, however, the harsh pulling and tugging on your skin can result in wrinklesfine lines and premature ageing. Luckily, the glossy finish of vegan silk allows your face to gently glide over your pillow without any unnecessary friction. 

Say ‘Hello’ to Blemish-free Skin!  

The hypoallergenic properties of satin make it the ideal material for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin! Although there isn’t a pillowcase that will completely clear acne, the antibacterial properties of microfibre polyester will help reduce breakouts and minimise the spread of acne across the skin. 

Salon Worthy Hair Everyday

With anti-static benefits you can say ‘goodbye’ to knots and frizz, and ‘hello’ to silky, smooth hair! Vegan silk is naturally non-absorbent, so it won’t strip your hair of the nourishing oils doing wonders while you sleep. Keeping your hair hydrated and moisturised means there’s less of a chance you will wake up with crazy morning hair. 


At VANI-T we aim to create products that enhance one's natural beauty, boosting confidence and self-esteem. We have tested the best fabrics on the market and have created the luxurious Bed Head Beauty PillowcasesNot only is Bed Head an easy and non-invasive beauty treatment but will also take your beauty sleep to the next levelSimply fall asleep to reap the skin and hair benefits of your dreams... 


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