Tanning Drops. They are different to anything you will have ever used... AND they will change the way you tan especially in the world of tanning. VANI-T's Glow + Self Tan Drops are the latest must have beauty product to your collection and there are  many reason why you should try them. 

How they work:

Our VANI-T Glow + Self Tan Drops come in little bottles that are a different formula to your usual self tan products. They include the tanning actives that develop a tan in a dropper bottle that allows you to add a few drops into any beauty product to give them a boost in colour.


Don't like self tans staining your sheets at night? Tanning drops are transparent.

Don't like the scent of fake tans? Tanning drops are fragrance free.

Would prefer to fully customise your own tan? Tanning drops can be blended into ANY face or body product.

Want to tan your face but usual face tanners make you break out? Tanning drops. Blend them into the moisturiser that's right for you.

Ensure skin is clean, dry and exfoliated.

Face: Mix 2 drops with your favourite facial moisturiser, serum or oil and apply evenly over the face.

Body: Mix 4-6 drops per body part with your favourite body cream or oil, apply in circular motions.

Tanning Solution: Add 20 drops per 100ml of tanning solution to increase the DHA percentage by 1%.

Sun Tanning: Add 20 drops per 100ml of tanning oil, apply before and during sun exposure.

*1% will increase the darkness considerably.

 Can they be used on their own?

Tanning drops are exceptionally concentrated so, no. Please don't use them alone. They are designed to be blended with a carrier product. Using them on their own is a big no-no.

Shop: https://vani-t.com.au/collections/self-tan/products/glow-self-tan-drops

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  • Tanya Dole

    Just wondering, when you use the tanning drops on your face, does it come off every time you wash your face with makeup remover or does it stay on. Thanks Tanya

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